Is Covid The Reason For The Elephant To Go Wild?

A condition in which even man cannot recognize the forest and the land, Is Covid the reason for the elephant to go wild? 

In the rubber plantations and other fields adjacent to the forest, one has grown to a height where the undergrowth is overgrown. Probably, this natural undergrowth was gifted to the agricultural lands of Kerala during the covid period. Dr. P.S.E.

Water and food are now available in the forest. However, Dr. Issa points out that if the animals are going wild, serious studies should be done on the causes. In the past, animals also roamed the forest. It continues today and will continue tomorrow. His position is that man must learn to adapt to that situation. 

Mask has been a part of our lives since Covid came along. It was a kind of adaptation to new circumstances. Jesus said that man needs such adaptation. From the conversation with Dr. Jesus.

In the forest, animals have as much water and food as they want. And yet why do animals go wild?

That is a misconception. It is always so. It is during the monsoon season that elephants reach and reach the jungles the most. Elephants do not come out for lack of food. Elephants come home at a time when all this is easy. Elephants do not go wild because of the loss of elephants.

In Kerala, the problem of elephant poaching is in Periya, Pakranthalam, Kottiyoor also Nilambur areas. Permanent travel routes have been cut in some places due to the presence of tribal settlements and construction. Kerala is far superior to other states in maintaining and protecting elephant routes. If there are minor problems, it is only because there are tribal settlements. Unlike in the northern states, mining and other constructions do not take place in the elephants. 

So what is the real reason?

It seems to me that these are all local causes. Because in each of the places. Palakkad had conducted accurate studies for one or two years under the leadership of the former DFO. An accurate study needs to be done on how far the elephants have traveled and from time to time. A closer look at the elephants' habitat reveals that they do not always like dense forests. Elephants do not like large trees and impassable rainforests. 

Elephants do not look at borders and maps. Due to the Covid, many estates have not been cleared, including undergrowth. This has led to the formation of small forests in a way that elephants like. When food and water are available at will, it is not the forest; They often arrive without realizing it is their homeland. Circumstances vary from region to region.

Do elephants cause interruptions?

There are currently 110 elephants in India. Previously it was 88. Later on review, it increased to 110. There is a lot of work going on to acquire land for the corridors. Central and state funds are used. NGOs and the general public are cooperating. The problem of elephants in the Thirunelli area has been solved. Many of the people who were in Ananthara in Periya

Kottiyoor has changed. There are minor problems in Nilambur. There are also difficulties in dragging out government action. In the case of Kerala, it cannot be said that the elephants are coming home because the elephants have been cut down.

Is the solution to plant-animal feed crops in the forest?

It doesn't seem to make much sense. In any case, one should never expect a situation where conflicts between humans and wildlife are completely free. It used to be. There are still. Will continue tomorrow. We do not want to live without it. My wife and I can't live in this world thinking that only a goldsmith is enough. Like humans, they are all part of nature. But isn't it a problem that elephants come out in droves like what happened in Palakkad?

That's right. The problem here is that we only talk about such things when there are problems. The discussion will end when the issue is resolved. No one is investigating why. Only Narendranath Veluri, the Palakkad DFO, was the first to be investigated. I would say that this was the only study conducted at the departmental level about the movement of elephants.

People should be a little more careful when traveling and working in places near the forest. Decide that guaranteed workers should not take to the streets until dark or before the light falls. Rubber cuts should be avoided before bleaching. Avoid traveling alone on the road. Humans are now wearing masks for fear of a small virus called the corona. As well as coming up with some restrictions yourself. In addition, departments must provide accurate warning systems.

How successful has the Forest Department been in this?

There is no point in blaming the forest department for all the crimes. There are many other departments working within the forest. Work is also being done for various departments like KSEB, Irrigation, Maintenance,

Agriculture and Tribal Welfare. Every single thing they do is disturbing the wildlife habitat. We call it development. Only the forest department will be blamed. Aren't public awareness committees responsible for avoiding wild boar harassment? Is it the responsibility of the forest department alone? The killing of wild boars so far has been initiated by the forest department. Where did the Jana Jagratha Samiti go? Then a collective action at the departmental level is needed to survive the wildlife disturbance.

Things to know:

There are currently 110 elephants in India, of which 70% are very active. South India: 28 Central India: 25 North East: 34 West Bengal: 23 4 Mainly 4 elephants in Kerala - Nilambur, Periyar, Anamudi, and Wayanad. 29% of elephants are threatened with encroachment and construction. % Roads and national highways pass through 66% of elephants. 

The railway line passes through 22 elephants. 4 new railway tracks with elephants. The Wildlife Trust estimates that 100–110 elephants per year are hit by a train or hit by a vehicle. 400–450 human lives are lost each year in front of elephants.

Behind The Planting Of Sunflowers In Nuclear Disaster Areas?

The world actually recalls the atomic catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan, following the 2011 torrent with repulsiveness.

It was just a brief time after the debacle that it was feasible to gauge the measure of atomic fuel spilled or then again how far the radioactive particles had reached. 

Today, the region where the Fukushima atomic debacle happened is a sunflower field. The presence of this sunflower field is significant alongside the cutting-edge advancements utilized to eliminate atomic waste.       

A comparative sunflower field can be found in Fukushima, yet in addition in the war zone of Chernobyl, the biggest atomic calamity in human history. These sunflowers are not planted for the sake of confidence like coconuts before they leave the rocket. Notwithstanding sunflowers, Fukushima likewise has a mustard field and a nursery of spices like amaranth and fob. 

In the primary stage, individuals from a Buddhist sanctuary in Fukushima planted around 200,000 sunflowers nearby. Afterward, around 80 lakh sunflowers were filled in the space where the Fukushima atomic blast occurred, utilizing seeds from a similar sanctuary.

These were planted dependent on the logical disclosure that sunflowers can retain and dispose of atomic squander. The investigation likewise discovered that the other three plants developed with sunflower had comparable capacities. 

Atomic parts remove sunflowers from the dirt in the space where the blast happened. This is something that has been effectively tried, since the Chernobyl debacle. That is the reason Chernobyl's radioactive particles in the dirt are moderately little contrasted with the air, says specialist Michael Blalock. Michael Blake was one of the pioneers of building sunflower fields in Fukushima. 

Why sunflowers? 

Sunflowers are a quickly developing regular plant. Furthermore, they are fit of putting away a lot of biomass in cells and leaves. Subsequently, they can retain radioactive components from the dirt and store them in the cells without taking a lot of time and without diving excessively deep into the roots. As an aftereffect of establishing sunflowers in a huge region, the radioactive components in that region can be handily isolated from the dirt. 

Specialists consider phytoremediation the interaction by which plants manage radioactive components. This technique, which was attempted at Chernobyl, was subsequently observed to be an incredible accomplishment there. The radioactive components cesium, what's more, strontium was broadly found in soils in the Chernobyl locale. These two components can imitate the potassium and calcium that

sunflowers assimilate from the dirt. Simultaneously, these two radioactive components give similar advantages as potassium and calcium. Hence, these components retain a lot of sunflower and other comparative plants from the dirt. 

Concentrates in Fukushima 

The investigation was an extraordinary accomplishment at Chernobyl, however, concentrates on showing that it has not yet rolled out huge improvements to Fukushima. Some point out that this might be because of the way that fewer investigations have been done in general. Others highlight contrasts in soil structure in the two spots as the explanation for the absence of proof that the sunflower explore was fruitful in Fukushima up until this point. Fukushima soils are wealthy in mica. Cesium blended in with mica is hard to recognize from this. Analysts gauge that this issue normally happens when sunflowers assimilate cesium. 

In spite of the fact that it has been logically demonstrated that the presence of sunflowers doesn't diminish radioactivity, sunflower fields incredibly add to the recuperation of Fukushima. Many individuals result in these present circumstances region to see the fields what's more, pick blossoms. Local people likewise say that these sunflowers presently assume a major part in keeping Fukushima from turning into a spooky land.

Horn Falling Into A Flowing River, Hard Work To Cross The River; Behind That Look

Vignesh b. Until recently, the name Shivan was not familiar to wildlife photographers and photography enthusiasts in Kerala. 

But with the announcement of the State Forest and Wildlife Photography Awards on Friday, the name of the first place that everyone was looking for was Vignesh B. 

It was Shiva. When you search on Facebook, you will find that the place of residence is Mundakkayam. After his father retired in 2019, he moved from Mundakkayam to his family home in Parashala on the border of Thiruvananthapuram 6 months ago, but Vignesh could not leaveMundakkayam.

Vignesh and his family moved to Mundakkayam in 2002 following the relocation of K. Sivakumar, who was the Deputy Range Officer at the Periyar Tiger Reserve. While studying CMSLP School, Mundakkayam St. Anthony's High School, Enthayar JJ Murphy HSS, and Botany at Vazhoor SVRNSS College, Vignesh loved the forest and the camera. That's what he wrote in his Facebook bio, 'Love is in the woods'

Vignesh's stay in the hills of Kottayam and the stories of the forest and the children of the forest told by his father, the forester, made him a friend of the forest. Participation in nature camps and photography has been a regular occurrence since the age of 11, but it was in 10th grade that my father bought a small camera for Vignesh. 

The final year of the degree in 2019 turned into a professional camera, a gift from his brother Vaishakh, an engineer in Dubai. By then, Vignesh had become a regular visitor to the forest areas of Chinnar, Marayoor, Periyar, Agasthyamala, Eravikulam, Nelliampathi, Wayanad, and Silent Valley, beyond the boundaries of Mundakkayam and surrounding forests.

Although he traveled extensively with his father, he became a traveler and photographer who would visit the forest whenever he had the opportunity to do so. Vignesh recalls that without the support of his mother Binu, teachers, and friends, he would never have traveled through the jungle.

By the way, the award came 

The horn was seen trying to cross the river while participating in an amphibian survey in Silent Valley. The elephant, which fell into a strong river following heavy rains yesterday, managed to climb for more than two and a half hours. The picture of that effort clicked the state award. Earlier, in a competition organized by the Alappuzha Natural Historical Society, a prize was given to an elephant.

Risk Of Depression From Insulin Resistance,Analyze It

Insulin plays an important role in diabetesthere is also complaint of constant sadness, hopelessness, lethargy, and loss of appetite

In this disease, many vital organs gradually weaken or deteriorate. Now new research shows that the body's resistance to insulin doubles the risk of developing severe depression. The findings are published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Insulin resistance occurs when muscle, fat, and liver cells do not respond properly to insulin and cannot use blood glucose for release.

"If you have insulin resistance, you may be twice as likely as the general population, even if you have never had such complaints before," said Ratail Rasgun, professor of psychology and behavioral science at the University of Amsterdam Medical Center. Symptoms include persistent sadness, depression, drowsiness, insomnia, and loss of appetite. However, factors such as childhood accidents and the death of a loved one can also contribute to these inevitable illnesses. But insulin resistance can be prevented and achieved through diet, exercise, and medication. Numerous studies confirm that one in three people suffer from insulin resistance and are unaware of it.

This condition is not caused by the pancreas' ability to release insulin into the bloodstream, as is the case with type 1 diabetes. On the contrary, this condition is caused by the alertness to regulate this hormone in the cells of the whole body. In fact, the function of insulin is to direct cells to process glucose (which is produced by food and the liver) in the blood.

Each cell uses glucose as fuel, and each cell has receptors on its surface that bind to insulin and signal its ability to be absorbed.

Why and how is the problem?

The reality is that the number of people with insulin resistance is increasing around the world. The main reason for this is a high-calorie intake, lack of exercise, stress and not getting enough sleep due to various reasons. As a result, the insulin receptor is unable to bind to insulin properly. However, blood sugar remained high.

Once the sugar level reaches a certain level, type 2 diabetes occurs, which can be treated. But if not treated properly, apart from diseases related to the heart and kidney, it can also cause amputation. This has a huge impact on overall health.

Insulin resistance has been linked to a variety of mental illnesses. For example, it has been found that 40 percent of people with mood disorders have insulin resistance. But the question still remains unresolved whether it was caused by some event or whether there were elements involved. A long study was done to find out.

How did you study

Researchers obtained data from 3,000 people in the Netherlands who were involved in the depression and anxiety study. This study focused on the causes and consequences of depression. When she registered for the study, she had no complaints of depression or anxiety. The mean age of the participants was 41 years.

The researchers found three signs of insulin resistance in the parents -- abdominal glucose levels, waist size, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol in the blood. Then, for nine years, they looked at the risk of developing depression.

There was a moderate increase in insulin resistance, as measured by the triglycerides to HDL ratio, which corresponded to an 89 percent increase in the rate of new cases of depressive disorder.

Similarly, for every five-centimeter increase in belly fat, the risk of depression was 11 percent higher. Thus, with an increase in fasting plasma glucose to 18 milligrams per deciliter of blood, the risk of depression was found to be 37 percent higher.

Goal Of World Peace; The Malayalee Sisters In Brisbane Are Ready For Record Achievement

Two Malayalee sisters from Brisbane, are set to set a new world record by memorizing the national anthems of countries around the world.

The Malayalee sisters from Cherthala, Alappuzha will set a new world record by singing the national anthems of all countries of the world for six consecutive hours from 9.30 am on September 21, the United Nations World Peace Day at St. John's Cathedral Hall in Brisbane City, Australia.

The national anthems are sung at the launch of the international event 'Salute the Nations', which was formed by the two to be part of the effort to promote world peace and human love.

'Salute the Nations' is organized by the United Nations Association of Australia in collaboration with the Agnes & Teresa Peace Foundation. The two sing the national anthems of the nations of the world, including 193 countries under the auspices of the United Nations. 

They will also be the first sisters in the world to sing the national anthem in more than 100 languages.

'Salute the Nations'

Agnes and Theresa stated that the aim of the 'Salute the Nations' program in collaboration with the United Nations is to raise money for the United Nations peacekeeping, charitable organizations, individuals, individuals, children, adolescents, and women who are being exploited. As part of this,

Salute the Nations, an international event that sings the national anthems of countries around the world for six consecutive hours kicks off. Speaker Curtis Pitt made the official announcement of the Salute the Nations program at a ceremony in the Queensland Parliament. Leon Leonard, Minister for Children and Youth Justice and Minister for Multicultural Affairs; 

The Salute the Nations poster was released by Klum Campbell, former President of the United Nations Association of Australia, Earth Charter Coordinator, and International Coordinator of Salute the Nations. Queensland Vice President of the United Nations Association of Australia Dr. Donald Davis, Glenn Elmes, President of the Queensland Former Parliamentarians' Association, and Joy K. Mathew, Director of Salute the Nations, were in attendance.

"Queensland sisters set an unusual world record"

Peace Foundation

The Agnes & Teresa Peace Foundation, based in Australia, is already active in the community. The Agnes & Teresa Peace Foundation focuses on creating a mentally healthy youth. 

The Foundation has been providing effective awareness and training for this in various parts of the world. The Foundation is working to raise awareness about cybercrime and work to combat climate change.

Nine years of hard work

For the past nine years, the two have memorized the national anthems of countries around the world through comprehensive research into their meaning and history, as well as international languages, national languages, and national anthems.

Both have already gained worldwide attention for memorizing the national anthems of countries around the world and for being the first in the world to sing in more than a hundred international languages. 

Theresa Joy is the youngest secretary of the Australian Association of the United Nations. He also co-chairs the Earth Charter, the association's academic program. Teresa is third-year criminology and psychology student at Griffith University in Queensland. Agnes is a 12th-grade student at Community College in Calumway

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Covid India Updates: Black fungus does not spread through untouchability, lack of immunity is the main reason: Ministry of Health


Covid India Updates: Black fungus does not spread through untouchability, lack of immunity is the main reason: Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health regarding the condition of corona and vaccination in the country, Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS said, "We found in the first and second influx of crown that the disease in kids is exceptionally uncommon.." So, it does not seem that till now the third wave of Kovid will see Kovid infection in children. 

He said that people with low immunity are infected with mucormycosis (black fungus), Candida, and sporogenous infections. Black fungus is not an infectious disease. It affects the sinus, rhino orbital, and brain. It has also been seen in the small intestine. 

The Health Ministry has said that it is wrong to identify it in ... Lack of immunity is the cause of the black fungus. It is wrong to identify it with different colors.

He said that there is no meaning in giving different identities to the same fungus by the names of different colors. This infection does not spread like an untouchable corona. He said that deal with neatness. Drink boiled water. 

Pain in the nose is a symptom of pain, throat pain, reduced sensation on the face, abdominal pain. Pay attention to the symptoms rather than the color. If treatment is early then the benefit and prevention are quick and definite.

Guleria said that post-Covid syndrome can last 4–12 weeks after an increase in recovery rate. There are complaints like breathlessness, body chest pain, cough, fatigue, joint pain, tension, insomnia. Counseling, rehabilitation, and treatment are necessary for them. Yoga also works well.

Dr. Randeep Guleria said that there is no data indicating that the virus is transmitted from animals to humans. We only have data to show that the virus spreads from humans to animals as seen in a zoo in New York during the first wave.


8 Largest Eagles in the World

The eagle is one of the most attractive birds in the world. 

There are currently 60 different species of eagles in the world. In this article, we will discuss the 8 largest species of eagle.

It is very interesting and exciting to see the eagle flying. They are the most powerful predators of wildlife, especially small animals and other small birds. Their unique qualities make them special among birds. 

However, one of the largest eagles on record has already disappeared. Many large falcons have been reported to have larger wings than others. Some eagles have small and large wings. In this article, we will tell you about the biggest eagle in the world. 

The following list is presented in ascending order.

1. Verox's chile

Variax eagles are native to East and Northeast Africa and are mainly found in rocky and mountainous areas. It is the best food for any bird hunter. They usually weigh five pounds, but hawks are capable of carrying more weight. 

Sometimes they even try small mammals, including monkeys. The wingspan of this eagle can range from 1.81 to 2.3 cm to 75 to 96 cm. Typically a Verox eagle can weigh up to 4.19 kg.

2. African Martial Eagle

These eagles are commonly found in sub-Saharan Africa. His name means "warrior" and he is the most feared hunter of all birds. Their varied diet includes mammals, reptiles, and other birds. In general, African martial eagles prefer to be in the air, especially when hunting.

You can find it in the plains of sub-Saharan Africa and in many countries. With a weight of 4.71 kg, they can reach a length of 85.5 cm. Their wingspan is 211.9 cm.

3. African Crown Eagle

It is another large eagle in the sub-Saharan forest, known for its brown, white, and orange patterns on its wings. This is a strong hawk that can lift the weight of your body. There have been several reports of children being attacked by African-crowned falcons. 

The African Crown Eagle can reach a length of 80 to 99 cm with a weight of 3.64. The wingspan is about 1.51 to 1.81 m.

4. white-tailed sea eagle

You can find white eagles in the highlands of Europe, Russia, and northern Japan. Their areas are usually low and close to the sea. Fish and other birds are their main food. 

They eat small mammals and rabbits. The white-tailed sea eagle can reach a length of 66 to 94 cm with a weight of 5 kg. The wingspan is about 2.3 m.

5. Philippine Eagle

You can easily distinguish Philippine eagles by the cluster of hedgehog-like spikes on the top of their heads. Their extraordinary appearance makes them the public bird of the nation where they are found. 

They are the most feared aerial predator in the Philippine Islands. They are known to hunt small mammals, other birds, and reptiles. The Philippine eagle can grow from 86 to 102 cm in length and weighs 4.7 to 8 kg. The wingspan is about 220 cm.

6. Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle is found throughout America. But they are also plentiful in Brazil, as deforestation on the Amazon has reduced their numbers. Like many hawks and monkeys, they can carry birds of their own weight. 

They are extremely famous in Panama, where they name their public bird. They are 86.5 to 107 cm long and 176 to 224 cm in weight. The wingspan is about 176 to 224 cm.

7. American Bald Eagle

American bald eagles are easily recognized by their white tail and brown body and feathered head. These are the most visible eagles compared to other species of eagles; So it is the national animal of America. 

You must have seen this bird in many commercials, movies, and many other scenes around the world. They can reach 70 to 102 cm in length with a weight of 7.5 kg. The wingspan is about 2.44 m.

8. Starry Eagle

It is the largest eagle species in the world. Other eagles' wings can be heavy, but in terms of length, they are the largest of all eagle species. 

They feed mainly on fish and prefer to live in the coastal regions of Russia, where you can find them in maximum numbers. Their length can range from 85 to 105 cm and their weight from 6.19 to 9.5 kg. The wingspan is about 2.45 cm.

Concrete Cutting Sydney – How to Control Dust?

The seriousness of the problem is well known, especially in concrete cutters, when concrete dust and its harmful effects on health.

Depending on the amount of exposure, solid dust can cause serious health problems. If you don't take proper precautions, the thick dust can cause respiratory problems. 

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Many construction workers suffer from silicosis, asthma, and even lung cancer. Therefore dust control should be our top priority during concrete cutting projects.

Avoid gas-powered dry-cut concrete saws

Professionals who provide concrete cutting services know that they should avoid gas-powered dry-cut concrete saws at any cost because the dust exposure level is very high. Even if you use all the safety equipment to protect yourself, it still fills the workplace with dust and is harmful to the overall health of employees and neighbors. 

And if the concrete is cut in the work area created by the fence, the concrete dust gets trapped in place and forces you to drag it inside. For this reason, do not use a gas-powered dry-cut concrete saw.

Ways to control dust when cutting concrete

Even if you don't use a concrete saw that runs on dry-cutting gas, there is a risk of concrete dust. There are two main ways to control and reduce employee and environmental risks:

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Wet concrete cut

Cutting wet concrete is an effective way to reduce concrete dust. A little water goes a long way in reducing dust during a concrete cutting project. This method is suitable if a diamond blade or round saw is used to cut concrete.

There are various wet concrete cutting techniques used by concrete cutting service professionals. For example, when using water or pumping directly to the cutting site, water the rotating cutting blade. Also, portable pressure tanks can be used for water supply. 

Concrete cutting saws are manufactured by several manufacturers for this purpose. The tanks can store about eight liters of water and can run for 15 minutes after the concrete is cut. This is the preferred method because it is portable and works well if there is no water source available for multiple refills.

Preventive measures

It is imperative to take certain precautionary measures to reduce the risk of concrete dust. Safety measures include wearing goggles and masks. It will help if you choose the right mask that is specifically designed to provide protection against solid dust. 

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Keep in mind that mask filters stick when cutting concrete, so you need to replace it regularly. Other workplace workers who do not cut concrete should also wear masks.

In addition to the mask feature articles, it is strongly recommended to use proper safety goggles to ensure that your eyes are protected during the cutting process. Not wearing it can cause minor eye irritation or permanent damage to your eyes. Proper foot and hearing protection and other safety measures for employees wearing the right quality hats.

This Child Is Not Afraid Of The Dark, But Of The Light, Due To Not Getting Tetanus Vaccine

You must have often heard that the child is afraid of going into the dark

But nine-year-old Salim, a resident of Sujanpur in Pathankot district, is afraid of the light. As soon as the light shines in his eyes, he starts to suffer. His body becomes stiff and seizures occur. Actually, Salim has got Dhanustambha i.e. Tetanus disease. 

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Born in the tent of Gujjars, this child was not vaccinated under the National Immunization Program in his childhood, including tetanus. Neither the family got the vaccination done nor did the ANM and ASHA workers of the Health Department motivate them. The side effect of this was that now Salim's life is in danger. He is being treated at the Guru Nanak Dev Hospital (GNDH) in Amritsar.

This child is not afraid of the dark, but of the light, a special case came to the fore for not getting tetanus vaccine in Punjab

Nine-year-old Salim is under treatment at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar.  Awakening

Salim has got Dhanustambha i.e. Tetanus disease. Born in the tent of Gujjars, this child was not vaccinated under the National Immunization Program in his childhood, including tetanus. The side effect of this was that now Salim's life is in danger.

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Nitin Dhiman, Amritsar. You must have often heard that the child is afraid of going into the dark, but nine-year-old Salim, a resident of Sujanpur in Pathankot district, is afraid of the light. As soon as the light shines in his eyes, he starts to suffer. His body becomes stiff and seizures occur. Actually, Salim has got Dhanustambha i.e. Tetanus disease. 

Born in the tent of Gujjars, this child was not vaccinated under the National Immunization Program in his childhood, including tetanus. Neither the family got the vaccination done nor did the ANM and ASHA workers of the Health Department motivate them. The side effect of this was that now Salim's life is in danger. He is being treated at the Guru Nanak Dev Hospital (GNDH) in Amritsar.

There is a camp of Gujjars near the government school of Nihalpur in Sujanpur. Salim lives with his family in the dera. Last Wednesday, suddenly his body got stiff. Relatives took him to a local hospital, but from there he was referred to Guru Nanak Dev Hospital. The child, brought in a critical condition, was having frequent seizures. 

In the course of treatment, there has been a relief from seizures, but the stiffness of the body is not decreasing. Salim is being given immunoglobulins. It is a protein and anti-body, which helps in destroying bacteria from the body. He has been kept in isolation. According to experts, a child suffering from tetanus has been reported in Punjab after ten years. However, the Health Department has been informed about this notified disease.

Tetanus disease is a bacterial infection

Civil Surgeon Dr. Charanjit Singh said that the matter has come to our notice. We are investigating. One day while playing Salim suddenly fell and got hurt in his leg. The wound healed, but after that, he started having seizures. 

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The body started twitching. The relatives did not get the tetanus vaccine due to the wound. As a result, his condition worsened. This is tetanus disease is a bacterial infection. It is caused by the entry of bacteria found in the soil into the body. Usually, in the event of a wound, bacteria easily enter the body. If injected, the bacteria are destroyed as soon as they reach the body.

More chances in Gujjar's tent

The chances of this bacteria are more in the tents of Gujjars because there is mud and soil etc. The tetanus vaccine has been included in the list of the National Immunization Program for the last thirty years. 

Currently, the pentavalent vaccine is given. This vaccine provides protection against five deadly diseases like tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, influenza, and hepatitis B. This vaccine is given at the age of six, ten, and fourteen weeks after birth.

Omicron Patients Are Recovering In Seven Days, Then Why Are Doctors Alerting?

The cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly again across the country. 

In the last 24 hours, more than 37 thousand cases have been reported. During this, more than 100 corona patients have died. According to the latest data of the Union Health Ministry, 37,379 new cases of corona have been registered in the last 24 hours and 124 people have died due to corona. During this 11,007 recoveries have taken place. Right now the recovery rate is 98.13 percent. 

So far 1892 cases have been reported in the country of Omicron, out of which 766 people have been cured. So far, the maximum number of 568 cases have been reported from Maharashtra followed by 382 cases in Delhi. Under India's nationwide vaccination campaign, a total of 146. 70 crore vaccine doses have been given. 

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Let us know why the government is so concerned about the prevention of the Omicron virus? Despite the fewer dangers of the Omicron virus, why is the government doing so much to prevent it? Is vaccination going on in India effective on Omicron? What does Yashoda Hospital MD PN Arora have to answer all these questions?

Why not a serious virus compared to Omicron variant delta?

Dr. Arora says that the Omicron variant stays in the neck for a long time. Because of this, it spreads rapidly. Therefore it spreads three times faster in the case of infection than the delta variant. He said that if we are not alert then this virus can catch people very fast. 

Although the threat is low, it will spread very fast. Dr. Arora said that it is not able to make its copy very fast in the lungs, so the patient does not reach the critical condition. He said that this is the reason why the variant spreads very rapidly but also leaves the body very rapidly like the delta variant.

Why in the world there is so much concern about Omicron?

See, Omicron was launched in India on 2nd December. The rate of corona infection in the country has increased almost three times in a week. He said that even though the severe symptoms of the virus may be less, but the high number of patients is a warning bell for us. According to estimates, 40-60 thousand patients may need to be hospitalized during the peak of the third wave. 

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This can create a new challenge for our health infrastructure. This is the worry of the public authority too. This variant is fast catching people in its grip. In view of record cases being reported in many countries, there is a concern.

Why is the government putting so much emphasis on vaccination?

Immunization plays had a powerful influence in keeping Omicron contamination from becoming serious. The antibodies produced in the body from infection with Omicron protect against the risk of delta and other previous variants. This is also a good sign. Very few cases of infection are becoming serious. 

The US has reduced the quarantine requirement for infected people to five days. He said that now the situation is not like the year 2019. Now the situation has changed. A large population has faced the infection.  The extraordinary component of the human body is that it recollects past contaminations.

Is the screening process of Omicron complicated due to genome sequencing?

Dr. Arora said that during the peak of the second wave, about four lakh new cases were coming to India every day. Of these, about 25 thousand had to be admitted to the hospital. It is believed that due to Omicron, up to 16-20 lakh new cases can come daily. Of these, 40-60 thousand will have to be admitted to the hospital. 

When 40-60 thousand people have to be admitted to the hospital, then the situation can be dire. At present, fewer cases of Omicron are coming in government data, but the number of infected may increase. Since the detection of the variant requires genome sequencing and India has few labs for it. Because of this, the investigation is also decreasing and the figures are also coming less.

Why is vigilance necessary?

Omicron is a warning that if we are not alert, the corona will not be completely eradicated. Therefore, there is a need to strictly follow the guideline of the government. If we are careful about Omicron, a situation will come when the number of hospitalizations or deaths due to infection will be very less and the World Health Organization will exclude it from the category of a pandemic. 

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It is too early to say at what stage WHO will make such a decision. Primer examination proposes that current immunizations are creating fewer antibodies than is the situation with Omicron. Therefore, the challenge before scientists is to develop a more effective vaccine.

Serious patients like diabetes, hypertension, or TB should be aware?

Patients with serious illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, or TB are taking slightly longer to recover from Omicron infection. The corona epidemic caused by the delta variant took seven to 10 days to recover. A few patients took more time to recuperate from the illness. Some Delta patients were negative for more than two months. 

Statistics show that in the case of the Omicron variant, the RT-PCR test of 92 percent of patients is coming negative within a week. At the same time, five percent of patients are found negative on the eighth day, while three percent of patients are found negative on the 9th day. Only one patient who also had TB disease was found positive for a long time.

Vaccination Of Children From 15 To 18 Years , Know Important Things Related To It

Preparations are underway to vaccinate children after adulthood to prevent coronary infection starting January 3. 

Kids between the ages of 15 and 18 will be immunized. But Prime Minister Modi only talked about the use of the vaccine, there are still many questions in the minds of people, such as how to use the vaccine? The registration process, where to get the vaccine etc... then get information.

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Where can I get the vaccine?

If children are vaccinated at existing centers, they will also have to stand in line with adults. However, vaccination is also being done in schools. 

But till now no announcement has been made by the government.

Which vaccine will be given?

The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has approved the emergency use of Covacin, a COVID-19 vaccine for children manufactured by Bharat Biotech. 

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With the approval of DCGI, India Biotech Vaccine can now be administered to adolescents in the age group of 12 to 18 years. It is expected that children between the ages of 15 and 18 will be vaccinated.

How much will it cost?

The key question is whether the government will bear the cost of immunization of children. There are currently free and paid options for the corona vaccine for people over the age of 18. The cost of different types of vaccines varies.

How to Register?

Children must also register for the vaccine. The registration process for the Covin app for children will start on January 1. RS Sharma, head of the Covin platform, said that the registration for immunization of 15-18-year-olds will start from January 1 in Covin. An aadhar card is necessary for this. 

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If one does not have an Aadhar card or any other identity card, he/she can use the student ID card for registration. Children between the ages of 15 and 18 will be vaccinated. 

But Prime Minister Modi only talked about the use of the vaccine, there are still many questions in the minds of people, such as how to use the vaccine? The registration process, where to get the vaccine etc... then get information.

Know About History Of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December across the world. 

There is a religious belief that Lord Jesus was born on Christmas Day, 25 December. Hence this day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus. Churches and houses are decorated on this occasion. He had a Christmas tree and lights. 

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On this day people wish each other a Merry Christmas. Many people also give gifts to their loved ones. People of all religions celebrate Christmas in India. The metropolitan cities of the country including Goa are celebrating Christmas in a special way. 

Come in, take a look and enjoy!

Birth of Lord Jesus

The character of the Lord Jesus is in the Bible, the holy book of the Christian community. According to the students of history, the Lord Jesus was brought to earth in 4 BC in the magnificent city of Bethlehem in Israel. 

Joseph his father was a carpenter by profession. It is said that Joseph married Mary after receiving a sign from the Absolute Lord.

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The Lord Jesus joined his father's work and became a carpenter himself. In any case, very little is had some significant awareness of his initial life. Lord Jesus attained enlightenment at the age of 30. Then he started preaching to the people. The Jewish fundamentalists at that time were clearly against Jesus and told the Roman ambassador Pilate about Jesus.

The Roman governor Pilate thought that if he could not stop the Lord Jesus, the Jews might bring about a revolution. So the Lord Jesus was put to death. The Lord Jesus was crucified on Good Friday. 

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Three days after his death, the Lord Jesus rose from the tomb. John saw this miracle with his own eyes and the followers of the Lord Jesus spread the teachings of the Lord Jesus to the majority. At that time a new religion called Christianity was established. Forty days after his resurrection, the Lord Jesus ascended straight into heaven.

Know About Ayurvedic Home Remedies

No matter how much we take care of our health, but today's lifestyle and eating habits are affecting our health badly. 

Our immunity is getting weak and we fall prey to diseases very soon. Always feel tired and stressed. Even in the midst of all this, the biggest problem is that we are not able to go to the doctor even if we want, because there is no time. 

But if we come to know about some such home remedies, which not only keep us healthy but also have no side effects, then what can be better than this?

These recipes have been going on since ancient times. Our grandmothers knew about them well and used to use them too. Ayurveda also adopted this tradition which has been going on for centuries by our sages. 

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There are many such spices and food items in our kitchen, whose medicinal properties will amaze us. But it is also important to know which thing is for which disease and which spice is used for medicinal purposes.

Keeping this in mind, my friend has brought Ayurvedic Home Remedies App. All diseases from head to toe have been covered in this app and about 2000 Ayurvedic home remedies have been given. 

Be it children's diseases, women's, or any common and serious diseases - simple home remedies for all have been given in this app.

In today's busy life, an app that is just a click away from you, what more do you need than this?

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What's in the app?

- Tap and touch features to easily identify different body parts.

- Detail information about diseases related to each organ.

Symptoms of each disease.

- due to illness.

Ayurvedic treatment and remedy for every disease.

Information about the treatment of every disease from the ingredients present in the kitchen.

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How To Fulfill Your Dreams?

How to make your dreams come true?

It is not very difficult to fulfill dreams, if your goal is right, you are working hard for your goal. Here we are telling you very easy ways of how to fulfill your dreams.

Dreams of flying

the world's biggest smile of dreams, where we can achieve whatever you want, you can become whatever you want, but you if completed with a wish to change the reality of your dreams, so diligently, vigor and enthusiasm Get involved, believe me, it will not take long to make the dream come true.

Dreams are necessary to live,

if there are no dreams in life, then there will be no desires, if we do not have desires, then we will not try and if we stop trying, then life will be dead, that is, our life will end. Imagine a situation when you have nothing to do, you don't even think of achieving anything… how will life be? Certainly colorless, dull, and boring. 

It is necessary to have some purpose to live and that purpose is found only when we dream. Dream to do something, dream to change something, dream to keep loved ones happy or bring some change in the country/society, but it is not enough to just dream, but it is also necessary to work hard to fulfill it.

Employee Giving dreams

Wipro boss Azim Premji at that time had said in his speech that "dreams are inspired to move are your true motivator, dreams. At the same time, they also give the energy to achieve the goal. But it is also true that nothing in life is achieved by cooking a casserole or building a palace in the air. Dreams are meaningful only when they stay connected with the ground of reality. 

Suppose if someone dreams of becoming a doctor while studying engineering, then such dreams have no meaning, but if an ordinary person dreams of becoming rich like Tata and Ambani, then there is nothing wrong with it. When Dhirubhai Ambani, who once did a modest job, can build a company worth crores, why can't you?

Dream to come true: Former President APJ Abdul Kalam once said, 'For dreams to come true, you must first dream'. His words are hundred percent true. Unless you dream of buying a house, becoming an IPS, doctor, engineer, journalist, or anything else, how will you try in this direction?

Unless you can't even think about something, how do you figure out a way to achieve it? To climb the stairs of success in life, the first dream of dreams and then try to fulfill them with full dedication, sincerity, and dedication. Then see 'Dreams also come true?' How does this thinking of yours change?

Algae Is Not Only Ugly But Also Dangerous; Do You Know These Things?

In the climate of Kerala, where the rains and sun change frequently, moss is the villain that dims the brightness of the houses.

In addition to losing the beauty of the roof and exterior walls, algae growing on concrete surfaces and steps is also dangerous. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. Roof algae accumulate excess moisture and can seep into the wall, causing cracks and leaks. 

So it is important to remove the algae without pretending not to notice the disturbance.

1. Baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda on the surface where the algae stick to the concrete surfaces and allow it to stand for 24 hours. 

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It is more beneficial to do it on fewer rainy days. The agitated algae can then be easily swept away.

2. Vinegar and water

Mix white vinegar and water evenly and pour or spray directly on the affected area. The algae that lose health by beating the mixture can be easily removed. It is also the most useful way to remove moss on tiles. 

But to make sure that the color of the tile does not fade due to the use of vinegar, first apply a little solution on the edges of the tiles and then apply it in more places.

3. Bleach and water

The application of bleach is harmful to many surfaces. But it is also very useful for removing algae. Mix the bleach solution with water and pour directly into the moss. After a while, scrub with a stiff brush and rinse with a hose. 

If used on lawns, make sure that the bleach solution does not fall on the grass. It is advisable to buy and use garden bleach in these places.

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To prevent algae growth on the lawn Moss growing in the lawn not only destroys the beauty but also affects the growth of the grass. To prevent this, lime can be sprayed on the lawn once a year.

4. To remove moss on outdoor furniture

It is common for algae to grow on furniture in the garden and elsewhere. When removing these, special care should be taken considering the material from which the furniture is made.

Any cleaner you intend to use to remove algae from furniture made of plastic, steel, aluminum, etc. should first mix with hot water. After soaking the sponge or soft cloth in this water, the algae on the furniture is slowly wiped off.

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Learn 9 Easy Ways To Do Big Savings

 9 Easy Ways To Do Big Savings

For the last year, due to Coronavirus, the economic condition of the country has faltered badly. This period of economic slowdown has explained to us that in order to deal with such a crisis in the future, it is necessary that we increase our savings along with keeping our expenditure under control. 

By embracing a portion of the strategies referenced here, you can expand your investment funds by diminishing your costs. 

1. Make a list and shop

If you do shopping by making a list of the items of your needs, then you will never be worried and will also avoid unnecessary expenditure. At any rate, these days individuals appreciate internet shopping as opposed to going to the market and purchasing a ton of pointless salmon without need.  

By making a list, you will buy only as much as you need. In this way, by controlling unnecessary expenses, you will gradually learn to save, when a large amount is accumulated, then you can invest that amount somewhere.

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2. Control Telecom Bill

For some time, due to work from the expenses of electricity, telephone, mobile, computer and internet have increased significantly. Another reason for the increase in these bills is also that the market is full of telecom companies, who provide such plans to their consumers, influencing the consumers to take cheaper and more and more plans. 

If your telecom bills are increasing month after month, then there is a need to reduce these bills and close unnecessary plans. You can control these telecom bills and boost savings by discontinuing useless plans or switching to expensive ones with cheaper plans

3. Quit the temptation of branded products 

Due to the changing lifestyle, fashion, style, and trends, our infatuation with branded products is increasing. Obviously, the nature of marked items is acceptable, however, their cost is additionally high. According to experts, 'Consumers buy branded products online without thinking about what extra benefits or discounts or offers are being available on them. 

While buying branded products online, the consumer should keep in mind that they should shop for branded goods online only if they get some extra discount. Nowadays most online sites sell their in-house brands at a low cost to sell their goods. These in-house brands are also called generic products. Please tell for the information of the consumer. These in-house brands are of better quality than the branded products and their cost is also less as compared to the branded ones.

4. Use Credit Cards Properly

Often people have this notion in their mind that credit cards increase unnecessary expenses. For information, let us tell you that this credit card is a facility provided by the bank, which is used by the consumer to spend first and later to pay that expenditure. The consumer can make payments online or offline using a credit card. But if the consumer does not pay the credit card on time, then the consumer has to pay the fee as a penalty. Therefore, the consumer should try to pay the minimum amount of his bill at the end of every month. 

Paying the credit card bill on time does not require paying any penalty and the consumer also has a good credit score. If the consumer does not pay the bill on time, then the bank also charges interest on that amount and the consumer has to pay the amount of interest along with the bill. If the consumer does not pay both the bill and the interest, then he is charged a late payment. The second important thing is that some shops offer reward points after shopping for a specified amount. Do not shop unnecessarily and increase your credit card bills to earn these reward points.  

5. Invest in Safe Mutual Funds

According to market experts, most people do not invest in mutual funds. Because they think investing in mutual funds is risky. While not always. putting resources into shared assets can be ok for your future. If you do not have complete knowledge about the market. By getting complete information about mutual funds from the market, you can invest in mutual funds. If you want, you can also take professional advice.

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6. Repay the loan and get interested free

Banks offer home loans, car loans, education loans,s, and personal loan facilities when needed, but with EMI comes an additional expense of interest. Your first step to reducing these unwanted interest expenses is to pay off all the loans one by one before the deadline so that both the loan and the interest can be relieved.

7. Fix the Insurance Portfolio

With the passage of time, new insurances keep coming into the market. But now the time has come to shift your old and expensive ULIP plan to a pure term plan, which has the potential for higher returns.

8. Get a Budget-Friendly Home

Nowadays people want to avoid traveling more, so they rent expensive houses near the office. Of course, their travel expenses and time are saved, but they have to pay more rent. To reduce the cost of this increased rent, take a house at such a place, where the rent is also slightly less with all the amenities and traveling can be done easily.

9. Don't be tempted by offers

Usually, all the companies give various types of offers to the consumer to sell their goods, such as one free on purchase of three items. Do not spend money on this kind of offer. Even though these offers look attractive, but the payment is only four. These are the tricks of companies to sell their products to consumers.

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